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Birth doula services are not being offered at this time.
Private prenatal sessions, birth planning, and childbirth classes ARE available!

A doula offers peace of mind during one of the most memorable times in your life. However, it doesn't start and end there - there is so much more to a hiring a doula! From prenatal support to postpartum recovery and baby care support, I will be there as you prepare, welcome and adjust to your new family.  You can count on reliable and non-judgmental support through your pregnancy and birth. Check out more about benefits of doulas:  "Evidence for Doulas".


I serve the Cincinnati, Dayton and surrounding areas. I will travel up to an hour away for services and have experience supporting families with homebirths, hospital births and at birthing centers.

What is included in your services?

Complimentary meet-and-greet/interview
Let's talk and make sure we're a good fit.

1 prenatal visit in your home
We will discuss birth preferences and planning (natural, medicated, baby procedures, etc.), labor and birth desires (touch, environment, etc.), prenatal history, discuss useful tools to use during labor and birth and and expectations of one another.

Labor/birth support in your home and/or hospital
In early labor, I will provide support via phone and/or text. When you are ready for physical support, I will join you at the location of your preference. 
1 postpartum visit in your home (optional, see packages)
I will provide emotional support, answer questions or concerns about recovery, breastfeeding, baby care. We can also review your birth experience and/or you can give feedback about my services.

Continuous phone, text and email support
I am available for the duration of your pregnancy, birth and early postpartum period.
On-call support
I have experienced back-up doulas to be there for you if I should have an emergency arise and cannot attend your birth.
Birth photography
I will provide edited photos that I am able to capture during the birth. I am not a professional photographer but usually am able to capture some priceless moments through the labor and birth process. We will discuss your photo desires at your prenatal appointment. 
Additional prenatal and/or postpartum visits
Additional in-home visits can be added.  Cost ranges depending on location.

My limitations as a doula:

I do not provide a medical diagnosis
Instead I will refer you to the appropriate professional and possibly suggest questions that you may want to ask in order to facilitate a good discussion with your provider.
I do not perform any clinical tasks
This includes checking fetal heart tones, blood pressure reading, etc. I will refer you to your provider for any of these requests.
I do not make decisions for you
Instead I will provide education and emotional support and point you to evidence based information so you can make an informed decision. I will also discuss with you helpful ways to convey your decisions to your provider as well as remind you of past stated decisions. 
I do not speak to your provider on your behalf
I will discuss your concerns with you and suggest options, but you or your partner will speak on your behalf to the clinical staff.
I do not project any of my own beliefs onto your experience
I will help you to work toward having a healthy and positive birth experience with the desires YOU have for your labor and birth vision.

“Thank you so much! You were perfect! I can't believe I did it! The nurse said you were the best doula they have ever had! And she has been a nurse on the floor for like 8 years!!” 

Jamie R., mom of baby Fiona

"Thank you for your help! You were a rockstar doula and made me feel much more confident in my choices."

Lauren H., mom of baby Hudson

See more testimonials here.

While I am not currently offering birth doula services, I'd be delighted to support and guide you through private prenatal or postpartum visits, birth planning sessions, or childbirth classes.

Contact me to find the perfect option for YOU.

Your baby's birth-day will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

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