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Kimberly & Tom

Parents of baby Ellie

My husband was not initially sold on the idea of taking such a long series of classes “just to prepare for the birth of our baby”, but after actually completing the session and then going through the natural labor & delivery of our daughter, we both couldn’t stop singing the praises of Amanda and her Bradley method classes!  Amanda was kind and supportive throughout the classes and beyond.  She taught us so much more than labor positions.  She gave us the tools we needed to feel confident, in control, and ultimately, in our case, be able to advocate for ourselves when complications arose at the end of the pregnancy.  Amanda was available both via text and call in those final moments to answer our questions and remind us that we had options.  I truly believe that without all of the information her class taught us, and even more so her support, we would not have had the successful natural, water delivery that we did!  I would recommend her and her classes to anyone.

Kirstie and Steven

Parents of baby Kensington

Knowing we wanted a natural birth, my husband and I took a Bradley course. I wanted this husband-coached labor but we soon discovered there were enough jobs for an army! We hired a doula to help my husband and I enjoy the day more instead of stressing about the little things. Also, for peace of mind if interventions were needed, we knew we would have someone to consult with for risks and benefits. There were a lot of things that stood out in our "interview" with Amanda. The first was that she drove an hour to meet us -- obviously, she already had us as a priority! Another was that she is birth/Bradley teacher as well so we knew she was well prepared and on the same page as us as far as the most up to date evidence based research to help make any decisions. She was very well prepared, asking us as many questions as we were asking her. The list goes on but most importantly, she felt like a motherly, family figure that could guide us without judgement. We loved that she shared the same faith as us and already calmed our fears through just our interview! We knew as soon as the interview concluded that she was our girl.

We had an unmedicated, stress and worry free birth -- exactly what we dreamed of. Amanda was the determining factor for giving my husband breaks and helping him enjoy the day. She kept me focused and reminded me over and over that I could do it. There are no words or price for the value Amanda provided for us on the most special day of our lives. She seemed to be everywhere at once without interfering the special times between my husband and I. I'd hire her a million times over. 


My first goal was to do it unmedicated and my second was to try to enjoy it. I achieved both with her help! She provided so much knowledge from changing positions and pain relief to comfort measures like giving my husband a bathroom break! Her presence alone was so calming and was a constant reminder that I had a team cheering me on. More specifically, my little one was posterior and Amanda put me in positions that did indeed flip her. She held a heating pad on my back constantly or poured water on me in the tub. She offered information and guidance when the birth center staff gave me options about AROM and nausea medicine. As I said, she was everywhere I needed her and no where I didn't!

What stands out most about our experience with Amanda is how she made us feel. Yes, her knowledge and expertise were outstanding but nothing compares to her presence on our day. She soothed with touches, reminded with prayer over us, and stayed to enjoy our new addition when it was over. She made us feel in control in a situation that felt out of hand. She made us feel calm and comforted when the pain and length of labor got to be too much. She made us feel like we could do it when I knew that I would never see the finish line. She was a life-savor and such a special part of our birth team.

Brittany & Arjuna

Parents of baby Ava

Amanda is incredibly personable, attentive, intelligent, and calming. She played an essential role in helping our family achieve a natural birth as our doula. I could tell immediately upon meeting her that she would be a great fit for us, but she went above and beyond to exceed our expectations during labor & delivery. I would have been lost without her and am so glad we hired her!!

Amy and Chad

Parents of baby Veda

Where do we begin?!? My husband and I are so thankful for Amanda and the education she provided us to bring our little girl into the world safely and naturally. There are countless times we refer back to our Bradley classes and conversations with Amanda regarding childbirth. Amanda is one of the most genuine, kindhearted, and knowledgeable people we have met. There is no doubt the education she provided us allowed us to birth in confidence. When we found out we were expecting, I knew I wanted a natural birth experience and I also knew education was a key part of our success. My husband and I were referred to Amanda through my best friend, who also used Amanda's services. We felt comfortable and welcomed during each and every class. The classes were designed beautifully to communicate to various learning styles. We already had our doula hired prior to meeting Amanda, but there is no question Amanda would make an awesome doula too! My husband and I would refer anyone and everyone to Amanda for her services. Amanda, thank you for being a big part of our natural birth story! We adore you!

Jamie and Adam

Parents of baby Fiona

Thank you so much! You were perfect! I can't believe I did it! The nurse said you were the best doula they have ever seen! And she has been a nurse on the floor for like 8 years!! 

Danielle and Tyler

Parents of baby Scarlett

When my husband and I learned we were pregnant with our first child,  we were both in agreement that we wanted a natural childbirth.  Due to certain health issues with me,  it was a safer choice than the alternatives.  I did research on which method would work best for us,  and the Bradley Method seemed like the best fit.  We signed up with Amanda as our instructor and were so excited to begin.  From the moment we stepped in her home for the first class,  we felt comfortable,  welcomed,  and supported.  I figured my husband would get bored with the classes because honestly I'd figured they would be more for the woman.  I was so wrong!!  Amanda made the classes so interesting and interactive that my husband looked forward to our weekly class night.  We discussed the topics she brought up at home everyday.  She was so incredibly knowledgeable but non-judgmental at the same time.  I can't tell you how hard that is to find in an instructor.  A few weeks into the class,  my husband and I decided we wanted a doula.  There was NEVER a second thought,  we both wanted Amanda.  Her level of care and support for both of us was just astounding.  When the night came that my water broke,  we felt calm and ready.  The biggest thing Amanda taught us that stuck out to me was,  you may not get the exact birth experience you want,  and that's OK. "Healthy mama and healthy baby" are the ultimate goal.  When my labor took 45 hours,  Amanda was right there with us advocating for the vaginal birth I so wanted.  When I felt like a failure because I didn't follow through with our birth plan,  Amanda was right there supporting me and reminding me of "healthy mama and healthy baby" was our goal.  She was there with us through every step.  I highly recommend taking Bradley Method classes from her.  I recommend hiring her as a doula even more.  There is no doubt in my mind that we would have ended up with a C-section without Amanda.  She saved our delivery.  I will have her as my doula and my instructor with every child I have.  Thank you Amanda!!

Ali and Sam

Parents of baby James

I loved how in depth the classes were! I thought I knew a lot about birth already, but boy did I learn a lot!!!  The class made me feel empowered and excited about becoming a mother.  Amanda prepares you not only for birth, but for your transformation into motherhood.

I hoped to gain a set of tools that would help us achieve a natural birth and that is exactly what I got - and so much more! I knew I could give birth naturally but there was always that nagging "what if I'm not strong enough" voice in my head. Having an instructor believe in me gave me that extra confidence I needed to succeed. During labor, my goal was to remain calm. I knew if I let myself get hysterical that the pain would take over. Because of the Bradley classes and Amanda's instruction, I had so many coping mechanisms I was able to use during birth. I only very briefly felt like I couldn't go on and that was during transition. Amanda taught us that transition was the shortest period and usually means you are very close to meeting your baby. She was right, I got through transition and met my baby soon after!

Amanda truly believes in a woman's ability to birth and care for her baby. She also acknowledges the important role husbands play in supporting their wives. This was such a confidence booster for my husband. I also formed a closer bond with my husband and I felt closer to my baby after each class.

Her confidence in women is so palpable that you leave every class thinking you can do anything - and you can!

Danielle and David

Parents of baby Lucy

We're home and healthy and sooooo happy for all the guidance you gave us to get here. I cried recounting here how draining the experience was, but it just makes me more thankful for our support team, and especially for David. Thank you for giving us the tools to have the birth we wanted. We couldn't have done it without you.

Lauren and Ryan

Parents of baby London

I felt so confident going into our labor and delivery and truly believe the classes are what made all the difference, as we were educated and prepared to stand up for our rights. 

Taylor and Tyler

Parents of baby Caroline

Amanda was our birth instructor and our Doula. Her class was enjoyable and left us feeling very well prepared and informed. I had a long, hard labor and I am positive I could not have done it without Amanda as my Doula. She went above and beyond our expectations and made the experience more comfortable not only for me, but my fiance. She's extremely dedicated and has an amazing personality. Would highly recommend her as a Doula and a birth instructor!

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